What They Said

Digambar Suryawanshi

It's a gateway to explore our hidden talent....

Omkar Patil

This Institute helped me to build my career path successfully and today all of my colleagues appreciate me about my programming skill. I learned in this institute 6 + languages and 2 + databases which helped me to enhance my knowledge.

Placed in John Deere India Pvt Ltd Pune

Padmashree Raghavendra Rao

Dedication and passion of yours made me more interest towards the subject. Sir always update himself which in turn helps in my career. He is versatile in both theory and practical.

Placed in Equitas Small finance Bank

Rugved Naniwadekar

I joined this institute when I didn't know anything about programming. But Sir has given me confidance that, I can learn programming.

Placed in Infosys

Kamal Mulani

I joined class when i was in 9th std to learn Java programming since then I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and many such technical skills under his guidance. Sir has helped me to improve my programming skills and advance in my career.

Placed in Microsoft

Keshavi Wakharekar (KIT)

Umesh Sir is an Excellent Teacher he helped me in clearing the basic understanding of the course and not only theoretical knowledge but he also excellence practical knowledge to every individual.

Jeena Krishna (KIT)

I have been learning technical skills under the guidance of Sir Umesh Gaokar since a year. Along with the theoretical knowledge he completely focuses on practical knowledge, takes surprise tests which helps to understand concepts in detail.

Shreya Shelar (KIT)

Umesh Sir's Institute has helped me to improve my programming skills in all the aspects in both ways theoretical as well as practical.

Arya Mane (KIT)

Sir always encourage us to take on new projects and also help us with it. He has made programming easy and has always been a great mentor to us.

Shailesh Pattankude (KIT)

Sir has empowered us with lessons and confidence that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for being a great inspiration in our life.